kontenting – how to market content with content

I am back on the blog. My parents just left town, and it’s time for me to start blogging again. It has been too long. A longer personal summary is in the works.

Anyhow, I am working on a little project at work right now and I am doing a little test. It’s for a presentation that my boss is doing in Los Angeles in a couple of days. The topic is called: Kontenting – how to market content with content. Tim came up with the word kontenting and I am trying to find out how many blog rankings I can get on Google for the word “kontenting” in a single day. So, I am writing a blog post about kontenting, which I will follow with the actual presentation that Tim will give on Thursday.
With rising media costs and decreasing advertising efficiencies, people with content to market (books, music, information products) can now put to action low-cost tactics that grow directly from whatever content you need to market. The concept is based on leveraging compelling content in as many formats as possible and then making it highly accessible and easy to share.

Utilizing online PR strategies, social media tools, blogs, and search engine marketing, Kontenting is the art of delivering and leveraging optimized content as a means of marketing the content itself.