last entry

This might be my last blog entry for a little while. Tomorrow, Natilee and I will be starting the trip to Los Angeles. Friday night will be spend at my friends Rick’s house, who graciously offered his place as a stop. And he won’t even be there. Thanks Rick. Saturday night will probably be spend in San Francisco, at least that’s what I am hoping. From there on we are going to finish the trip on Saturday. I am going to move my stuff into a storage unit and Natilee will either fly back on Sunday night or Monday morning. I really owe Natilee big time for being of so much help in this process. I really wouldn’t know what to do without her. Moving to LA really is quite the operation. And it did require a female mastermind behind the scenes.

I will be staying with the President of our company in Studio City for a couple of days. Hopefully, by August 1, I am going to have a place to live in either Westwood or Beverly Hills. But, you never know where I will end up. I might not be able to write into my blog for a some time, so please be patient with me. After that delay, there of course will be more updates from the mario blog. This time from Los Angeles, California.