last thoughtful entry

Another weekend in Los Angeles. I spend most of my day at Barnes and Noble today. My life has taken quite the turn in the last couple of months. Things are a lot different here in Los Angeles than they ever were in Seattle, Montana or Germany for that matter. At first, I have to admit, that I felt quite sorry for myself. I didn’t want to leave Seattle. There were too many good things. Nice people, happy relationship and the proximity to all my close friends and family in Montana. Moving to LA meant pretty much losing all that. I gave up the relationship. Quit fly fishing. I also was quite saddened by the fact that I couldn’t play with my soccer team anymore. They were a bunch of really nice guys.

Moving to LA meant giving up a lot of things. My life has been nothing like a dream and somehow I felt like the dream ended when moving away from Seattle. But it didn’t. I am realizing that now. It’s just a different dream. Sure, it might no be my original dream, but I am going to make it mine. Maybe it’s someone else’s dream. And I am going to take control of it.

I have never cared to play golf. Many people love it. So will I.

Yoga is supposed to be really good for you. So I will try it.

Working in Advertising is always something that I dreamt of doing. Now I am there. So I will make the most out of it.

Things are different here in LA. But I like them and will only like them more down the road. This is a great place to live for over 9 million people. I am now one of them.