As I was standing in the locker room tonight, with the towel around my butt and my hair being all over the place, I met a pretty amazing person. His name is Lee and he is a two time cancer survivor. Not only has he beat colon cancer twice, but both times the doctors told him that he didn’t have a chance. Well, it took Lee 15 years of his life (starting at the age of 28), but he defied the odds and beat this evil disease. In the process, he gave up his partnership at some big time CPA firm, passed all his possessions on to his family and traveled the world on crutches, thinking that he might pass away any day.

He can barely walk, as the chemotherapy has killed off the nerves in his lower legs. So now he’s working on he’s strengthening the leg muscles that are still functioning. I only talked to Lee for about 10 minutes, but it quickly makes me realize how lucky I am. And how ridiculous some of the things are that I get upset about. Anyway, I am sure that I’ll see Lee again. And hopefully by then, I’ll have spent a minute or two realizing how fortunate I really am.

Thank you Lee