like a mushroom

Looking back at this past year of writing into my blog, I have come to realize that I really have only once written about a positive experience at a barbershop. Well, I got my hair cut today. Another bad haircut. This one wasn’t the worst one yet, but the experience was grueling. I am not sure why I keep trying to go to SuperCuts, but this was hopefully the last time. Franchised barber shops just don’t work. Corporate America needs to give up on this one. And so do I. The whole procedure took about 40 minutes and I had to guide and correct my hairstylist the entire way through. The first time she titled my cut to be done, I once again looked like some kind of cartoon figure. Natilee was cracking up in the back, while I was trying to explain that the back of my head scarily resembled a mushroom. And it wasn’t easy to explain her how to fix it as I was dealing with yet another non native English speaker.

Today, I bought a bag to carry my suit in while traveling. I am getting old. Did you know that on March 22, I will be 23 years old.