live without cable with Roku

These kind of
These kind of “live without” posts are somewhat hypocritical coming from me, since I wasn’t able to live without a cell phone, burritos or Jen. But this one is for real. I live without cable and I am loving it. Why? The Netflix Roku box. It plays over 12,000 different tv shows and movies straight out of my Netflix queue. I pay $15 a month for Netflix, get up to three DVDs at any time and can stream as many movies to my Roku box as I want. Many of those movies and shows are in HD, stream directly onto my flatscreen TV and begin playing almost instantly. It’s totally genius and my second favorite gadget (#1 Kindle, #2 Roku, #3 iPhone) and there is no additional monthly fee. All you need is an Internet connection and a Netflix subscription. Rumor has it that Roku will start offering Amazon Digital content very soon.  Best of all, it costs only $100 to buy.  If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Roku.