My gym has these ultra modern lockers. You don’t need any kind of lock, but rather program the locker with a certain number combination every time you use it. Everybody has forgotten their locker combination before, right? Yeah, let’s just assume it’s no big deal to forget your locker combination. You can always ask the authorities and they’ll pop locker right open for you.

Now, things to become a little more complicated when you forget your locker combination as well as which one your locker was. And that’s exactly what I did today. Being too uncommitted to use the same locker every time I go, I made the decision to switch em up. Bad idea.

Bringing in the guy with the master locker code really wasn’t that helpful. We opened about 10 lockers with other people’s stuff in it. After actually being yelled at by a rather upset locker neighbor (“hey…what are you doing with my stuff”), Mr. Universal code started getting impatient. Fortunately, someone had seen me lock up my stuff and reminded me that I was in locker 22. My birthday. Figure.

Anyway, I am an idiot. There isn’t much I can do to defy that statement. Especially not after tonight.