long day texas

I am sitting in my 8th floor hotel room (St. Regis) overlooking downtown Houston. Sipping on a $4.50 bottle of hotel water and finishing up my last minute meeting preparations for tomorrow. Our pitch is at 8am (6am Los Angeles time) and that means I’ll have to get pretty darn early tomorrow. My part of the presentation is actually about Public Relations, which is something I really have never presented before.

Today was a long day. Bruce picked me up at 5:30am and off we went. Landed in Houston at noon, had lunch in the hotel restaurant, rehearsed our presentation and then Jerry and I found the time to work out for an hour. Followed by some well deserved steam room time.

For dinner, Bruce, Jerry and I went to P.F. Changs’s. Somewhat of a wannabe shishi chinese restaurant. I guess it’s just a chinese restaurant that serves budweiser and has some large screen TVs. Oh, and none of the waiters and waitresses are even remotely Asian.