long hours at work

It feels good to be back in Seattle for a while. I have always felt pretty comfortable in this town, and I got to say that it does somewhat feel like home to me. I often wonder about what place in the world I would consider to be my home. Maybe some day, Los Angeles will feel like home. You just never know. I do like the weather.

Anyway, I put in a long day at work today. It’s going to be a short week, as I am going to Reno on Thursday. And then we got next Monday off as well. How nice.

Rumors have it that Natilee got tickets for tomorrow’s Sonics game. Meaning, I get to see LeBron James play.

Hopefully, I will get to see Elisa on Wednesday. And then on Friday, Rick is coming to town from Eugene. Life is calling for a night out with Rick and Jared.