longest run ever

So we arrived in San Diego late Friday night. We stayed with my team member Chelsea’s parents whose property is straight out of the movies. After a long night of thinking and drinking, Evan and I ended up crashing in the movie theatre. It was amazing as the movie theatre seats were entirely more comfortable than my mattress at home. And the pool, pool hall and outdoor jacuzzi also were quite luxurious. If it wasn’t for all the work my group members made me do, it could have been an incredibly relaxing excursion.

Awakening on Saturday, I decided to go on a little run. Which ended up being the longest run known to my humble body. Chelsea had told me to just run down this little dirt path and to then just take a left once I hit the golf course. And then I could just run around the golf course. Indeed, around the golf course I ran. Probably 3 or 4 times and upon completion I had managed to run for at least three hours while completely losing any sense of orientation. I needed to find that darn little path and didn’t have a clue whether I was even running around the same golf course. Needless to say, there were a lot of dirt paths and I wandered up a few of them.

At one point, I ended up on a ranch and was greeted by some dude on a horse, talking on his blackberry. Actually, when he started waving at me, I figured that he was part of some search troop dedicated to find me. Not quite, the guy was yelling “what the f… are you doing up here, son?”. So, I wondered around for probably another hour and finally found my way back to the golf course. There I waved down a police car and tried to locate my weekend home. Mr Police officer had never heard of the family name I was throwing around, but did inform me that he went to high school with someone who had a similar name. Great.

5 hours after leaving the house, my group member Evan finally found me walking around the golf course. It was the longest run I had ever been on. I also drank a ton of wine the night before and didn’t bother to drink any water that morning. In hindsight, I am lucky to be alive. Dehydration or the guy on the horse could have easily killed me.

And sadly yes, this is a true story.