looking up to bob…

looking up to bob, billy, allen and ray

I just got off the bus from work. It’s a lot of fun to ride the bus. It really makes me realize how fortunate I am.  Today, I sat next to 4 guys, who would be considered to be scraping around at the bottom of this society. Growing up in Germany, it is hard for me to see the gasping gap between the rich and the poor in this country. Germany is a socialist country and nobody has to be homeless. Everybody gets healthcare. Everybody has a place to sleep and nobody goes to be hungry.

One of the guys names was Bob. He was mentally challenged and today was his birthday. The people at the shelter bought him a ticket to go see the new Metrix movie. I have never seen anyone so excited about seeing a movie. It was awesome.

The other’s guy name was Billy. Billy was very much mentally handicapped. He introduced himself to me, and right away asked whether or not Elvis Presley used to be rich. He was really excited when I told him that Elvis was a very rich man. Apparently, his sister used to live in the same city Elvis lived in. Billy managed to crap his pants on the bus. I have never seen that before. At least, the bus didn’t get too crowded afterwards.

Allen was the third guy. He was bound to a wheelchair and had long red hair coupled with a long red beard. Allen used to be a truck driver until he lost his license due to a DUI. Due to his severe back problems, Allen never really recovered and his health has deterioated ever since.

And then there was Ray. Ray was also mentally challenged. Actually, I would say that Ray was retarded. Nevertheless, he worked as a custodian at SeaTac airport. Ray had a cell phone and he warned everyone about Billy’s misfortunate accident on  the bus seat. Actually he was the only one on the entire bus.

 Allen tried to tell the bus driver about the Billy’s accident, who in return threatened to kick all off them of the bus. Allen was quiet after that. Getting from one end of town to the other would be pretty hard in a wheelchair. I should have said something.

Thanks Bob. Thanks Billy. Thanks Allen. And thank you Ray. Talking to you guys, makes riding the bus a worthy experience. Many people look down on you. I looked up to you today.