losing blood

I can honestly claim that I have lost more blood through shaving cuts and uncontrolled nose-blowing leading to bloody noses than most people will lose in their lifetime. And I am only 23.

Every time I shave, I cut myself. And I shave 2-3 times a week, hence I have numerous open scars beneath my chin. I think it’s probably due to my inability to understand the necessity of switching out the razor blades. If I didn’t have red and fuzzy facial hair, I should probably just grow a beard.

And during cold times, I manage to get a bloody nose at least once a day. Not only can’t I blow my nose softly, I also can’t do it quietly at all. You can hear the horns through the entire office and the subsequent cussing makes it easy to identify the nose-bleeding.

Anyway, I got to fly to Houston ,Texas next week for a new business meeting. I have never been there before. So I am excited.