lost at pool

lost at pool and won’t write about it anymore

Nothing exciting happened today. I lost two games of pool at work and  my positive record vanished. This will probably prompt me to stop writing about it, as I don’t like to lose. I thought about revisiting the family who cut my hair, but decided against it. Just wanted to show them what they have done to my life. I have to make a lot of decisions the next few weeks, and once again I can’t say that I am too worried . Sometimes I wish that I wouldn’t take everything so darn easy. But oh well, it has worked in the past and will continue to so. You watch me mother.

Check out my friend Andrew’s site. Andrew and I have been friends since our freshman year in college. He is now in Japan teaching little kids how to speak English. Good luck down (up) there Andrew, and make sure to swing by next time you are in Seattle.  http://www.walkaboutdrew.org