It is pretty amazing. I cannot say that I have been very good about updating my blog lately. I write almost every day, but reviewing my posts, I realize that any sense of wit, intelligence or humor is clearly missing. Regardless, I have never had this many people reading my blog before. I would like to thank you for that. Whoever you might be. It’s very refreshing to see how people care and wonder about others. It’s very pleasant to think about the fact that people care and wonder about my life. Thank you.

I am really motivated to remodel my site a little bit, but lately I just haven’t been able to really find the time for it. I am in a phase of my life, in which I have 500 different ideas every day. And I just cannot put the focus on one thought and then follow through with it. Look at my office, room or desk for that matter. It’s like a zoo.

Last week, I flooded the apartment. It was kind of nice, as all the water automatically cleaned my bathroom floor. And everything smells like flowers now. How pleasant.

I am now at a stage of my life, in which I have more nice clothes than cool clothes. I am getting old. Pretty soon, I will be openly discussing my retirement plan on this blog.

Craig is practicing his drums and singing. Right in front of my room. It sounds a lot different than when hearing him within the safe ensemble of a band. I am not exactly sure what to think about it.


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