marathon training

marathon training and the guy everybody loves to joke about

I just got done running. I am training for a marathon. Actually, I am only 3 weeks away from actually running one. Never ran a marathon before and of course I am currently in the worst shape of my life. It really won’t be fun to be on my feet for over 26 miles.

I love running in Seattle. I just wish that I wouldn’t have to run 2 1/2 hours at a time. That really puts a damp on things.

Work was good today. Everybody gave me a hard time about my hair, which didn’t really bother me that much . I am just glad they didn’t see me on Saturday (no pictures taken). I got a question that you guys can comment on. Why is it that people always feel so darn comfortable when it comes to giving me a hard time? There is this guy in the agency, who never said a word. Now, all he does is make fun of me. It really doesn’t bother me, but it does make me wonder. Mmm… Maybe I should be making a career out of this.

I am getting pretty good at playing pool. My overall standing in the agency is 2:1 (since Friday). I will keep you guys posted.