Marathon Weekend

It was marathon weekend in Plettenberg. Jen walked the half marathon (2:45), I ran it (1:41) and my parents both ran the full marathon (mum: 4:31, dad 4:45). It should be noted that my father ran the last ten miles with cramps and my mother was doped to the gills. Jen also got interviewed on stage after finishing her half marathon, and they even called me out as she was having troubles locating me after her run. I was having troubles showering at my grandma’s house (why would anyone not have a shower curtain?), which is why unfortunately how I missed Jen crossing the finish line. We then both left right after the race to see the most incredible derby ever (Dortmund vs. Schalke – 3:3) and came back just in time to see my mother up on stage at the townsquare to receive an award for her 4th place finish in the city championship. She was supposed to pick us up at the train station.  In between, Jen got to see what it’s like to be the only Schalke fans in a block of Dortmund fans, how I got three of those fans to leave the game early due to my beautiful chants and finally how a little discussion on a train ended with a Schalke fan dimming his cigarette on a Dortmund fan’s forehead. Not your average Saturday.