mario goes to hollywood

Tomorrow morning I will be flying down to LA. I will be spending a couple of days in our office down there and then fly back to Seattle on Wednesday night. I am very excited as this is somewhat of my first real business trip. I will be flying directly from Seattle to LA, take cabs from location to location and get to stay in a nice hotel. It’s called the Avalon and is in Beverly Hills.

I will be bringing my swimming shorts and workout clothes, so maybe I will be able to have some time to relax after work. The purpose of the trip is to introduce myself to the LA staff and spend some time getting to know them. WD is considering moving me to our LA office, so this trip will give everyone a better idea of whether or not I will be the right guy for their needs. We shall see. I am excited and thankful for the experience.

Chances are that I will not be writing in my blog the next couple of days, as I will probably be pretty busy in LA (meeting actors and models, swimming in the pool, movie casts etc.).  I apologize for this inconvenience this may cause and hope that alternative media outlets will be able to fill your entertainment needs.

I will be trying to fix my Outlook in the near future. This would enable me to look at all your birthdays again. Maybe then I can start mentioning birthdays on the mario blog. Expect that project to be finished within the next 7 months.