mario on all things bad in sport

Outside of my usual Saturday entries about Schalke’s successes or failures, I tend to not blog much about sports. But since I am a big sports fan, it’s time to cast a wider net and discuss some of the topics currently circulating the daily media.

Doping Allegations in the Tour de France
Being a (very amateur) cyclist myself, this one hurts me. Past doping allegations have taken all the great cyclists out of the sport, creating an opportunity for a bunch of riders who otherwise would have never competed for the Tour victory. Now that they have a chance to win, they’re doping. That’s sad. I wonder how I would do with some else’s blood. Cycling needs to either continue to clean up the sport, or just let riders dope. Everybody in the US loved to see Lance Armstrong win, but do you really think he was clean while everybody else was doped to the gills.

My buddy Pat also wrote about this topic on Penny for a Thought.

Michael Vick’s dog fighting scandal
If Michael Vick really is guilty of torturing innocent animals, then that shouldn’t affect his NFL career. Let him play again once he’s spent a decade in prison. Otto and I are on the same page on this one.

The NBA betting scandal
As a Blazers fan, this sucks. However, it would suck even more if I had bet money on NBA games. Don’t gamble folks.

Barry Bonds’ doping allegations
Innocent until proven guilty. Until then, let him hit his homers. For those folks who’ve never been to a baseball game (Hello Germany), baseball is about as exciting as my 6th-grade-after-school-get-tutored-by-an-80-yr-old-nun sessions without home runs.

Soccer really seems to be the sport to follow.