So I guess, I will be staying in Seattle for yet another week. My bosses are fighting it out as we speak, but it will probably be another week up north. That’s great.

Today was somewhat of a special day. Natilee and I woke up and went to eat Dim Sum. It’s a chinese meal in which you are constantly served food from little chinese ladies pushing around their carts. It’s like buying peanuts at a baseball game from the peanut guy. Except, at Dim Sum the food is a lot better, served on a plate and the ladies pushing around their carts couldn’t throw a bag of peanuts if their life was on the line.

Afterwards, we went to Natilee’s parents’ house. It was kind of cool as they had a masseuse over to their house. The masseuse (her name was Vickie) came up to their home and gave massages for a day. Dad Fred first, mother Benjin next, little Natilee third and then me. It was awesome. Never thought I would experience something like that. Natilee’s dad just came back from Antarctica where he climbed the continent’s highest mountain. The guy has also been on Mount Everest, so this was somewhat of a cushy climb.