MBA sighting

Today my friend Mark and I went to look at cars and bikes. He is planning to buy a new car and a mountainbike. Since I have no use for yet another bike and no intention to buy a car, I decided to tag along. It was kind of interesting. It made me want to buy yet another bike and really didn’t increase my desire to buy a car. Even though, the new Toyota Scion looks pretty darn sweet. It costs $15,000. I actually wouldn’t mind spending $15,000 on a car, but I just can’t get accustomed to the thought of paying $2000 a year on insurance.

Today I also met my first car dealer. He was actually a really nice guy and just got his MBA from USC. George was only a couple of years older than I and obviously much more qualified. Too bad he is selling cars. As soon as I grew comfortable enough asking (5 minutes max) I made him tell me about what he thinks about his coworkers. It was funny, as George was absolutely and completely annoyed by his car dealing colleagues. Poor guy. An MBA on a car lot.