meet the parents

Tonight, I am going to meet Natilee’s parents. How exciting that is. Actually, it will be just her mother and two sisters. It’s interesting, as Natilee’s mother is Chinese. And obviously part of a completely different culture. I tried to watch “The Joy Luck Club” to somewhat prepare myself for this event. Chinese mothers really must be a lot different than for example my little German mother. That movie really made that clear to me. The problem is that I fell asleep half way through it, so now I have no idea how to act in certain situations. For example, in China it can be considered rude to eat a lot of food at the table. As you might know, this is one of the things that brings tears of joy to any German mother. I will have to ask Natilee all these things on the drive over to their house. I did it 3 corn dogs for lunch, so my hunger should be very manageable.

No news on the apartment search. Chances are I will be homeless in LA. And I hear LA is not really the place to be homeless.

Today was my last day on antibiotics. Tomorrow, I am a free man.