Megan Fisher

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet up with my friend Megan Fisher. Megan used to be a resident of mine and I had the chance to stay in contact with her. On her way to school last year (from Chicago), Megan got into a devastating car wreck. Her best friend died in the car wreck and Megan lost her left foot and also had to undergo brain surgery. This happened at the end of last summer. Regardless of her circumstances, Megan worked as a tennis instructor for little kids and already took a couple online classes at UM. This semester Megan moved back to Montana, and she is enrolled full time at the University of Montana.

It was great talking to her; unbelievable to see how strong she is. Megan is already planning the day, when she can play competitive tennis again. She is a very brave girl and I only wish her the best for the future. I am sure she is going to succeed at whatever she decides to do and will be an inspiration to many others. Good Luck with everything Megan…

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