You really wouldn’t believe the number of Mexicans hanging out in my street during the day. Standing at street corner and waiting to be picked up for a day of work. It’s almost unreal. I had a long conversation with my buddy Alex from Mexico to gain some further insights into their lifes. Here is the story. Live from the streets of LA.

So 80% of these guys are here illegaly. They cross the border in oftentimes life threatening conditions and then stay with other illegal immigrants in houses packed with such. Sometimes, there are 10-20 people in a bedroom. Those without connections sleep under bridges and are basically homeless to begin with. These guys are standing at a corner by my house, as there is a storage unit and some major streets nearby. There also a couple of stripjoints as well as run chinese laundry in the neighborhood, but that probably has little to do with it.

Everytime a moving truck, or any kind of truck, drives by these guys start waving and running towards the vehicle. Their wages are negotiable, but usually $50 a day can be a sufficient day wage. Interesting, eh?

Mark and I rented a moving truck for the 2nd consecutive weekend. The lady at the rental place knows me by my first name and cheers everytime I walk through the door. One more incapable driver who will be purchasing the biggest insurance package available. Gosh, I have made it far in life.