mls cup and farewell party

On Saturday night, I went to my friend Ben’s farewell party. He took a job as a creative director in San Francisco and actually moved up there this morning. Ben is a pretty cool guy. Him and his wife Annemieka both lived in Europe for the last 10 years. Actually, she is dutch and he was just a pretty kick ass freelance advertising guy.

I also broke my fast. Fasting does feel really good, but I just can’t follow the whole concept of slowly easing back into a normal schedule. I, myself used “Spaghetti and meatballs” to break the fast.

Today, Mark, Chris, Amanda and I went and saw the MLS Cup final. DC United vs. the Kansas City Wizards. DC United won 3:2 and it actually was a descent game. I also saw Freddie Adu (that 15 yr old soccer wonderkind). I guess he’s pretty darn amazing for a 15 yr old, but certainly isn’t a star player in the MLS. And the MLS certainly isn’t one of the more reputable leagues on the globe.

Oh, last night I also participated in one of those yoga classes. Situated right in between two very beautiful girls, I was more than happy to endure this 90 minute torture. Honestly, I really have no talent for doing yoga.

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  1. Anonymous November 16, 2004 at 9:33 am

    I saw something on the travel channel and i thought “what kind of an idiot would do that?” and then i said to myself “mario would” Its a yoga class where they turn the heat up to 115 degrees. Everyone is dripping sweat, its gross but apparently it loosens up your muscles even better and cleans you out and stuff.