monday blues

monday blues

What ya think about those beautiful banners on the blog?  Just a little experiment I am obducting. I really believe that online advertising is going to be very popular again. I can’t pinpoint an exact time, nor in what format it’s going to be. But I like the prospects of it. The Internet is just way too large of a medium to ignore.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow. Just a follow up check from that brutal bladder infection I underwent a few months ago. At the time, I really thought that infection was going to get the best of me. Scary stuff fellows. Anyway, I am expecting some blood tests and the usual nine yards. You will definitely know if something out of the ordinary happened.

Guess what. I just ordered an Ipod. I cannot believe that I actually made this purchase, but I have been thinking about it for way too long. It’s going to be my christmas present for myself this year. You can buy yourself presents, right? Which reminds me, you guys probably have been wondering when my Christmas wish list is going to be published. Well Santa, I am on it. I just really want to make sure this year that everyone will be able to get me an adequate present.

I am also thinking about starting a little online business in the near future. Initially, I was thinking along the lines of selling cigarettes or viagra, but somewhere along the line my consience caught up with me. Always happens that way.

I really have been experiencing troubles sleeping. I am constantly worried about those darn fillings that need to be done in my teeth. Hopefully, I will be able to see my former dentist in Hamilton over the holiday days. I really don’t know how I would handle any major crisis in my life, as I will get my mind stuck on the smallest problems. Seriously, I have been spending at least 4 hours a day thinking about this next dental appointment.