Tonight, I once again went to “The Ram”. It was fun, as I got to meet some more people from Orcas. I am not sure whether or not I have met every Islander out there yet, but I got to be getting close.  My friend Jared came along. I am glad that he had the chance to meet some of those Orcas folks as well. Jared forgot to pay for his last drink and my roommate Sada picked up the tab. That’s right Jared. You owe her. Bigtime.


Tomorrow morning I am taking a writing exam at one of the Advertising Agencies I have been talking to. It is part of the interview process. I am really looking forward to it, as I have never really taken a writing assessment before. I just need to make sure to proofread my work and try to keep my level of writing on a serious level (no jokes etc.).


Also, the about mario section was launched tonight. To kick things off, I posted some stuff regarding the year I was born. 1981.  There also is a scandolous picture of Mario celbrating his first christmas… by himself.