More on Steve

First of all I would like to greet our friends from across the border. This site has received significant web traffic from Canada and I am considering adding a Canadian domain extension for the mario blog. I just want you Canadians to know that I am here for you.

Onto daily business. Steve once again shocked me utterly on this fine spring day in Seattle, WA. First of, he has been wearing shorts as the weather has gotten worse every day. Also, today he tried to introduce me to this female friend of his and he couldn’t have done it in a worse way. Here is the introduction he made:

Location: Mieko’s Fitness. Lat Pull machine.
Time: 2:00pm

Steve: Hey Mario. Have you met my friend Linda yet?

Mario: No. Hey Linda it is nice to meet you.

Steve: Linda is a personal trainer.

Mario: Oh really, that’s neat.

Steve: She is going to help you with your Lat Pulls.

(Steve walks off. Linda takes off her sweater. Mario just sits their baffled.)

Linda: So, what are you having problems with Mario?

Mario: I didn’t know I was having problems?

(Linda grins at him. Mario just sits there. Now completely baffled, shocked by how Steve could do this to him. What in the world did he tell her?)

Linda: Well, let’s see you doing the exercise. You know that it works your back muscles, right?

After 20 minutes of walking with her through every single exercise that could possibly be performed on this machine, Mario decides to call it a day and finishes his workout by doing pushups at home.

Anyway, I am going to take a picture of Steve next chance I get and then post it on the site. I can’t take any pictures of him right now, as that would just signify that I am not mad at him for introducing me to that personal trainer friend of his. Geez, I really can’t believe he did that.

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