more seattle

Another weekend in Seattle. Actually my third for the year. Who would have ever thought. Anyway, it has been awesome as I have been able to spend lots of time with Natilee and my old friends. On Friday, my buddy Rick came to town and we all (Jared, Jacqueline, Rick, Natilee, I) went to our old hangout “The Ram.” I just love that place. One of the last bars where it’s actually hard to eat and drink as much as you can and spend more than $20.

Last night, I went out with my friends Jerry, Charlie and Garth. A place called “Fado” was our destination. An insanely popular Irish Pub downtown Seattle. It was a lot fun and we especially enjoyed Garth’s skewed perception of girls when wearing his beer goggles.

Today is a lazy day spend with Natilee. Lots of sleep, food and lounging around the couch.

Anyway, it’s awesome. I can write in my blog whenever I want and wherever I want. I don’t even need to bring my old/heavy/ugly/black laptop along anymore. Got to love technology. I am also going to start reviewing books on the blog.