Today my mum asked for my skype username. It’s “movemario” for all you skypers out there. My mum apparently didn’t have a username yet. When I logged into my skype account today, I was greeted by a user called “movemama.” Very original mum. I am not sure if she is trying to make fun of me, or if she really just thinks that every family member ought to have the verb “move” added to their name.

Tonight, I volunteered at an art show. It was downtown LA and I was responsible for registering people at the door. Every time I drive downtown, I am in danger of spending the night down there. For some reason, my male navigation instincts get me nowhere but in trouble in that part of town. Tonight I drove by some ubiquitous night club in Little Tokyo at least 5 times, before realizing that I wasn’t getting any closer to Santa Monica. Anytime, I had a good time at the show.

My parents still haven’t fixed their waterbed. Meaning my mum sleeps in my basement room and my dad is sleeping on the couch. And just the other night, my dear mum had an encounter with a mouse. Apparently, the little mammal was nibbling on her hair. It took my mum a couple of minutes before she realized that it wasn’t one of our cats demanding cuddle time. This should expedite the bed buying process significantly.