my china trip

So it looks like I might have managed to seriously put a threat to my China trip this year. Talking to my buddy Terry in Shanghai today, he informed me that one needs a visa to travel to China. Well, not a big deal one would think.

Actually, it is when one of the requirements for such Visa is that your passport doesn’t expire for at least another six months after finishing the trip. There in lies the problem. My trip ends on January 15th and my German passport expires in February.

So, I have roughly three weeks to get everything figured out. The biggest obstacle is that it takes eight weeks to get a German passport. And the fact that all German passports are printed in Germany doesn’t especially help my cause.

Two questions immediately come to my mind:
1. Should I still get my flu/hepatitis A shot on Monday morning?
2. Where should I go if I can’t go to China?

Either way, I am a complete idiot for not thinking of Visa/passport issues in advance. I have been literally sitting on this ticket since July and it’s not like this is the first time I have traveled overseas.

Gosh, someone please kick me.