My Worst Flight Ever – Brought to you by US Airways

Ok, this is my second bad flight experience in just a couple of weeks. Last week I was unhappy because Horizon Air ran out of beer on my flight from Portland to Santa Barbara.

This week, I am writing because I got stuck at the Philly airport for ten hours – thanks to the friendly folks at US Airways. Horizon’s Ginger Ale doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Here’s what happened.

After three days of late-nights, little sleep, flights across the country, preparing, scrambling and then delivering a major presentation; I was ready to head back to the West Coast for a weekend of sunshine and a wedding in Las Vegas. So after checking my bags and getting checked at security, I sat down at the gate, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich in-hand, to relax for a couple of hours prior to my 6pm flight. Just as I took the last bite out of my sandwich, my flight departure got pushed to 8pm. Two hours of relaxation turned into four.

Then we boarded. Then we de-boarded an hour later because the intercom between the pilot’s cabin and the main cabin didn’t work so well. In the process of such, the guy next to me got picked up by airport security as he decided to de-board the plane rather quickly and ran over a flight attendant. Then the flight crew timed out and went home. So we had to wait another five hours before boarding the plane again.

I guess US Airways did what they could do. At some point, they even gave us $10 food vouchers to feed us while waiting. The only problem was that by the the time they finally decided to give out food vouchers, all stores and restaurants were closed. What a cost-savings initiative. Give people vouchers they can’t redeem.

We finally left the airport at 1am.

I want to take a moment to thank my “almost” seatmate, who’s arrest (or ban) allowed me to stretch out and sleep the whole way back to Vegas.


  1. Anonymous April 28, 2008 at 2:12 am

    Holy Cats, that does sound like the worst flight ever. Sorry man, I hope your flight home goes better. In fact, could a flight even be much worse than what you’ve experienced. I’ll sure as heck never fly U.S Airways…