no more ashlie…

no more ashlie…

Yes, I am not joking. My roomie Ashlie moved out last week and I almost forgot to tell you about it. She was pretty sneaky about the whole thing and I didn’t really get the chance to say goodbye to her. Now, some might consider her to be a bit on the crazy side. Yet, I always got a kick out of her. Regardless to say, Ashlie still is more organized and cleaner than I am. So really, I might not have much room to talk. She moved back to Orcas for the summer, to reunite with her mum and make some dough. Upon completion of her summer episodes, Ashlie is hopefully going to enroll at some University as she really is a pretty bright girl (who am I  to say that). Ashlie…you are missed around here! Good luck with everything.

Tonight I cooked a huge meal. Chicken, organic spagetthi, eggs, peanut butter and sweet&sour sauce all mixed into a pan. Isn’t that a great combination. I am really good about coming up with high protein/carbhoydrates meal combinations that nobody else likes to eat.


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