no paper on 6th floor

I just arrived at my hotel in San Francisco and as always, the sun is shining in California. Love it. Hotel Vitale is a really nice place, however, things got started kind of funny. I am traveling with my colleague Naira who promptly got upgraded to an oceanfront room. When I asked my check-in-master whether I could also get a free oceanfront upgrade, I was told that I have a 6th floor room. It’s facing the six floor wall of the building next to me. Then Naira was asked what newspaper she’d like to read in the morning. When I looked at my check-in-master, he gave me the  “duh…we don’t deliver newspaper on the sixth floor” look.

With that being said, there were  a bunch of CDs in my room which I am currently loading onto my iTunes. Plus, I am really making the most of my stay by already wearing the soft hotel bathrobe. They also have a complimentary yoga session at six in the morning which I am going to have to attend, just to make the most out of my stay. Heck, maybe I’ll probably wear my soft bathrobe to such.

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  1. Anonymous April 1, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    Hey there faithless mate…

    You´ve been to Germany as your mum just told me! Why didn´t you call??
    Anyway, the funny thing is that I phoned your parents yesterday because I thought it has been quite a long time now that we didn´t talk or wrote mails so I wanted to get your current number and mail (which obviously hasn´t changed so far). I talked to your mum for half an hour – at least she did 🙂 – and I am curious to talk to you in the next couple of days or so…

    So, how are you?? Is it all good so far?

    I just finished my diploma in sports (I now have the official title of a “Diplom Sportwissenschaftlerin” – yeaaah!), gonna take my exams in English in late autumn this year and afterwards I will become a teacher of sports and English. I just moved a few weeks ago to a new flat together with my boyfriend Stefan – we are a couple for ten months now and I am still happy – unbelievable; guess he is the one and only right one for me!!
    At the moment I am alone for the first time in our new flat as Stefan and his mum are in New York for one week and I already miss him too much…

    Ok, enough for now, I want to talk to you and listen to what you´re gonna tell me about your life!!

    All the best to you!!