no speed dating

Tonight my big speed dating shebang was supposed to happen. I was scheduled for a 7pm uebermeeting with 10 different girls at some mexican restaurant called “El Dorado.”
After waiting for about 20 minutes and being ridiculed by the valet staff (I should have never asked), I headed back home. At 9:40pm I received an email, informing me that the event was canceled. Well, if you ever decide to give “speed dating” a shot, or gift that experience to someone else, just don’t use realspeeddate. Still can’t believe that they didn’t think to tell me that the event was canceled.

I was really looking forward to write my speed dating post mortem. One of the great advantages of having a blog is that even the most humiliating experiences can make for a good blog entry. I’ll give this speed dating thing another shot in the future, as its awkwardness just fascinates me.