Everything pointed towards being just an average day today. My mum complained about me not being an active member of Seattle‘s workforce. My dad complained about my mum and President Bush talked about the importance of war.


Everything was just dandy. Until, Pete called. Pete had an interview at some real estate firm and instead of offering him a job; they gave him two tickets for tonight’s Sonics game. The Sonics were playing the Atlanta Hawks and according to Pete we had box seats.


I stuffed my sweet potato into my pocket and off we went (best consumed with butter and brown sugar). We arrived at Key Arena half way through the 2nd quarter and were greeted at the door with a present. Off we went to find our box seats. It turned out that Pete and I had tickets for the Owner’s Suite. Owner, being the guy who owns the Seattle Super Sonics. Howard Schultz. Same guy who started Starbucks.  Right smack center of Key Arena, Seattle, Washington.


 Food and beverages were served and ESPN was in the box next to us. The Sonics mascot stopped by to greet the kids in the owner’s suite and Pete and I had a blast.


 The Sonics beat the Hawks by a landslide and Ray Allen was causing some serious damage to their defense.

 Definitely not your average day…

Pictures of the games