Now is the time to help

As a son, relative and friend, Covid19 scares me. As a knowledge worker and entrepreneur, I am genuinely excited about the opportunities it will bring in the long-term.

Things will likely get really hard in the short- and maybe mid-term, but here is why I am so excited about its impact in the long run.

When things are frothy and always going up to the right, people and organizations often don’t need that much help. And even if they do, they’re unlikely to take it.

That is changing, which I see that everywhere.

Small businesses are starting e-commerce presences.
Local nonprofits are receiving donations from all over the world.
People who can work remotely, work remotely.
And yes, even the University of Montana seems to slowly be waking up to the idea that education doesn’t always happen in physical classrooms.

A lot of overdue change is happening right now. And the optimist in me wants to believe that this change is coming just-in-time.

Now is the time to help those small businesses.
Now is the time to help those nonprofits.

Don’t just buy their pizza. Don’t just give money. Help them re-invent how they do what they do.

Now, they’re listening.

If you can, do it for free.

Because now is the time to help.