office chairs

Here is a story of my life in Los Angeles. As many of you might know, I really don’t own a lot of furniture. With all that moving around, I have just decided to go easy on the accumulation of furniture. So whenever someone is wanting to give away a chair, table, or anything for that matter, I jump on it. Hence, I have accumulated a fine collection of broken office chairs. Since my room only holds enough space for one office chair at a time, about five others are stored on my patio. Well, recently we had a Los Angeles city planner visit our household and he came to the conclusion that it was illegal for me to commercially store office furniture on my patio. Last week, we received an official warning from the city of Los Angeles. We have two weeks to remove all our commercialy used office furniture from the patio. Of course, Craig is freaking out about the matter. He is convinced that one of us will walk to prison for having five office chairs on the patio. Yeah, that will be the day.

Regardless, we threw out four of the five broken office chairs. Now they are all sitting next to the trash dumpster in the basement. I am sure there is something illegal about that as well. I wonder what’s next. I should have asked if it is legal to have more than one trash can in the bedroom. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I am storing trash for commercial purposes. Go to love California.