oh canada

A long day is coming to an end. It’s 9pm and I am about ready to turn off the lights. After a night of hanging out with old friends in Seattle and staying at Jerry’s new house, my day started at about 6am. Jerry had cooked some breakfast and then dropped me off at the train station. Taking the train is really the way to travel in pacific Northwest. It’s convenient (all train stations are near downtown), there are power hookups in case someone wants to charge their laptop and the service is great. I arrived in Vancouver at noon, and was privileged enough to see two Americans get in a fight in the men’s bathroom at the train station. Very nice.

After checking into my hotel, I went on a long run this afternoon and then grabbed some lunch. There’s an disproportionately large number of Falafel restaurants in Vancouver. When will Falafels finally catch on in America?

As always I am staying at the Howard Johnson downtown Vancouver. Hojo is probably my favorite hotel chain as it’s the first hotel that I ever stayed in. Thinking back, it was my first night in the US when I and a bunch of other German exchange students got stranded in Boston. We ordered a bunch of pizzas, not realizing that one large American pizza is enough for a few people. This we learned after the four of us ordered five extra large pizzas. Anyway, the Howard Johnson in Vancouver has a really great bar attached to it, where I watched the Oscars, ate chicken wings and drank beer with a bunch of Canadians. Everybody cheered when Celine Dione came up, which was a tidbit awkward. Oh well, I cheered.