on the road: feast of the seven fishes

Oddly enough, this blog entry is written while driving in a Ford Expedition from the Cleveland airport to Patrick’s parents’ house. This is made possible through of these “always on” wireless cards provided by a communications company I’d never endorse or promote. After a mildly relaxing week in Portland, I am back on the road. This time it’s for a week-long media tour on the East Coast (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston) to promote a book called Feast of the Seven Fishes. Follow our tour at the Feast of the Seven Fishes Blog. If you know anyone who considers him- or herself Italian, who enjoys reading comics and loves food and fish; then this holiday book is one you got to consider.

I’ve got a web video shoot in Portland on Wednesday, so this will be a short trip for me. Having traveled from dusk to dawn today, here are two things I learned:

  • One of the flight attendants took a vote on what movie to watch on the flight. Unfortunately all four movies received about equal votes, so about 75% of passengers were disappointed even before we learned there were no peanuts. I wasn’t that mad, as I was sound asleep before takeoff. Sometimes choice isn’t good.
  • On the flip side, I wish I had a choice when it came to my choices of flight today. Starting a business trip on 6am on Sunday morning isn’t very cool. Choice would have been nice in this case.

Buon Natale.