on the road to Canada

I just arrived in Seattle,  on my way to apply for my work permit in Canada. My return to the US is probable but definitely not definite. I love the fact that I have to apply at a US consulate in a foreign country which makes things very efficient.

Anyways, I saw a movie called Flyboys on the train ride up here. A flick about World War one and everybody’s heroic efforts of fighting evil Germany. What was really special about this movie is the fact that the French and Americans actually fought in unity against Deutschland. Everybody gets along when it comes to fighting them Germans. Oddly enough one never sees movies of countries/causes/people combining their forces after one was evaded by the US.

The movie did remind me of my time as an exchange student in France and my romantic outing with a French fille called Sandrine. Gosh, 8th grade ruled.