one more bad haircut

At this point, my site might as well be titled or something along those lines. Every couple of months, I write about yet another bad haircut. As usual, I had gone out determined to not let any non-english speaking, untrained and unskilled persona cut my hair. Actually, this time I was determined to spend a good chunk of money to make use of the services of a rather famous Hollywood Salon called “The Standard”. Apparently, Leonardo di Caprio gets his hair cut there.

Anyway, upon finding out that I was looking at a 45 minute wait, I left and walked straight into yet another catastrophic situation. Why cannot I walk past those “$10 haircut” signs. To that I have no answer. Consequently, I received my third hair cut this year from a non-english speaking, untrained and unskilled lady who apparently makes her living cutting hair. Don’t ask me how.