One more class

One more class with Bob…


First of, I am sorry that I did not update my site last night. I had my class at  the Seattle School of Visual Concepts and afterwards my friend Jerry showed me what it’s going to take to housesit for him this upcoming week. I will be living downtown at Jerry’s apartment for the next week, watching over his cats Edda and Crosby. I will be strictly adhering to all the rules given to me by the housing authority. No girls, no parties and no fireworks in the building. Got it.


Once again, I had my Adobe Illustrator class last night. Bob (the old guy in the crowd amongst a bunch of 20yr olds) put on another good show. The guy firmly believes that computers are just a trend and people will start using pen and pencil again in the near future.  Today, he talked about precisely that. Someone asked a question about the different kinds of papers that can be used for printing. Oh boy, Bob jumped onto that one. 20 minutes later, Bob was interrupted by us fellow classmates, as the continuation of our learning was more important than his philosophical discussion about the different kinds of paper.


Or how about this one:


Teacher: “Some of this stuff I can do with my eyes closed” (talking about the different software tools inherent in Adobe Illustrator)


Bob: “Well there are many graphic related processes that I can do with my eyes closed. You don’t have to be a computer designer to become really good at something. As a matter of fact; there are few people that can do what I do and many that can do your job”.


Complete silence. Bob had done it again. Teacher just stares into the gazing emptiness of our eyes. Why is he taking this class? What can motivate a man to say stuff like that?


Well, I don’t know. But I am looking forward to my next class with the guy.