one thing

I’ve finally made it back into the states, back in Seattle. My trip to Canada was quite the journey, one thing stood one.

One thing
Going through the visa application is not the most pleasant process, as the US government has many very strict rules in place. Over the last couple of days I spent a lot of time standing in line in the rain,  next to people from all over the world.  We were told that bags, cell phones or in some cases even glasses were not permitted in the building, under no circumstances. If you didn’t have someone to hold your stuff for you while you entered the building, then tough luck. You’d lose your spot in line and if you didn’t make it back within the assigned 15 minutes, you would have to reschedule your appointment –  which by the way can can take weeks and you aren’t allowed to enter the US while waiting.  I was one the people who didn’t have anyone to hold their bags for them.  So just when I felt like a complete idiot who was going to spend the month of March in the Howard Johnson hotel in Vancouver, others stepped in to help. We all helped each other. People were rushing to their hotels to drop off other people’s bags, mothers’ stayed outside with other people’s kids, and some even picked up other people’s passports.

When it came down to solving the problem on hand, it didn’t matter what color your skin is, what god you pray to or what language you speak or didn’t speak.  All that mattered was that everybody had a chance to at least apply for his or her dream of coming to America. Today I was one of those people.  And my dream continued because of some English guy named Pete and Asif, a true gentleman Syria.

Thank you Pete. Thank you Asif. Thank you America for bringing us all together.

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