I, once again, am finding myself in the midst of a phase of connection overload. Just a few years ago, a lot of my friends and family in Germany didn’t have email yet and I rarely talked on the phone with anyone but my mother in Germany. Things have changed quickly. Almost on a weekly basis now, I am finding myself back in touch with long lost childhood friends. We’re communicating in more forms than ever. I recently was hooked up with Vonage at home, which makes calling to Germany very easy and affordable. Then there are sisters who I often communicate with via instant messenger. Let me tell you, I am having a heck of a time trying to convince my little sister that the term LOL is not acceptable in regular conversations and especially not in any sort of school setting.

Either way through all that communication; I am having a hard time managing existing relationships. Building a meaningful connection becomes really hard when you’re connected with everyone.  Sorry for any unresponsiveness. Either way, I’ll keep trying.