passion of christ

Jerry got Natilee and I some free movie passes last night. Nice guy. We decided to go and see “Passion of Christ.” That new movie by Mel Gibson. Natilee wasn’t quite sure about seeing the movie, as it has been framed to be a very violent movie. Anyway, 10 minutes into the movie I was ready to leave the theatre. Way too violent for my taste. The first three scenes scared me to the point that I crawled up in Natilee’s lap, begging to go see Starsky & Hutch next door. At this point, Natilee wanted to see it and I was forced to stay. I am glad that I finished watching the entire movie, as it was different than any other movie I had ever seen. Shocking, bloody and powerful. Definitely makes you think and wonder.

Go see it. And bring a date who ensures you stay for the whole movie.