perfect day LA

Yesterday was a great day in LA. One of those days that you can really only have in LA. At least at this time of the year.

It all started with an 8am soccer game near the LA Zoo. No traffic, beautiful weather and the first gruesome loss of the season. This was followed by a big breakfast and a necessary nap, recovering from a lack of sleep the night before.

Upon awakening, I drove out to Malibi to check in with all my fishermen friend on the Malibu pier and take a casual stroll around the beach. Someone had to make use of that 80 degree weather.

Last night, we all went out for a crazy time out in Hollywood. Actually, it was my buddy Eli’s birthday and I gifted him with a rather terrific game of bowling. Three spares and two strikes. If it wasn’t for the double gutter in the last round, I could have actually achieved a descent score. Bowling in Hollywood is much different than the usual bowling lanes/casinos/strip joints that you find in MT. Much more chi chi.

Anyway, click here to learn more about the bowling place.