picture moments

I rented a car this weekend. Just made it a little easier to get around and see Natilee and her family. Driving is new to me and so are all the little things that come with it. I drove up to the Grove to meet up with Natilee and her fam. The first time I parked the car, I managed to lock myself out of the car. Not only locked myself out, but I also left the engine running. That’s right. I left the key in the ignition, locked the doors and then left the car. Fortunately, my friend Trevor was near, calling AAA and having them break into my rental car. Still, I am an idiot.

Today Natilee and I went to do Yoga together. Halfway through the course, our instructor encouraged everyone to help each other out in getting into the handstand position. Unfortunately I chose to help Natilee. On the first try, she managed to kick me into the nose. It cracked and the class came to an instant halt. Everybody stopped and took a few minutes to laugh about me. I am glad that my nose didn’t break. It would be really embarrassing to say that I broke my nose doing Yoga. Still, it’s a dangerous sport.