plettenberg p-weg impressions

While in Rome Plettenberg, I was fortunate enough to run a marathon with both Jen and my parents. Well sadly, Jen and I only competed in the half marathon while my parents completed the full one. A few things about marathons in Plettenberg. During the race, bystanders will try to give you various kinds of hard liquor. Avoid if at all possible. There were just over a couple of thousand participants, and about 1800 volunteers. I have never seen such enthusiasm. My mother took fourth in the city championship, which she’ll surely tell you the next time you see her. They serve beer to everybody who crosses the finish line. Prost. Here are some impressions from the race.

Why does everybody look so happy?

Mother concerned. Father is waving to bystanders.

Someone must have just handed Jen a piece of chocolate.

Me, under the Milka Nipple.

Dad nearing the finish line.

Mother finishes.

Yeah. 4th in City Championship. No big deal really.

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  1. Anonymous September 29, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    Wow, Plettenberg rocks!! DidnĀ“t know that the Plettenberg marathon exists… Got my mail??