Prescription drug abuse rising among youth

My friend Alisha works as a reporter for the Union Democrat – the leading newspaper of the Mother Lode since 1854. She recently wrote a big story about the prescription drug abuse and its sometimes deadly consequences. The article tells the story of Michael McMahon who died of an elixir of a painkiller, Benadryl and alcohol during his own bachelor party.

I think prescription drug abuse is a very serious topic that needs to be talked about with our youth. Personally, I have never taken any sort of prescription drug (besides those miracle hair loss pills) for either pleasure or treatment. That isn’t surprising considering I am from a country where Ibuprofen is illegal and whose father’s idea of a good flu treatment is warm beer with honey.

A lot of work (blood, sweat, tears, hopefully no prescription drugs) was put into this story by Alisha, and I hope you take the time to read it.

Prescription drug abuse rising among youth

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