qlifecrisis #3 – DVDs

Before I start drifting off about my qlifecrisis, I am going to announce some good news.
1. I am finished with my big project. The one that has brought me to Seattle for the past 3 months. I am sad as I am going to spend less time up here now, yet I am relieved to have finished this monster.
2. We won another account today. My third one for the year. Last year, I was 0 out of 12. So far this year, I am 3 out of 4.
Generally speaking you lose more than you win. May the streak continue…

Here is my crisis update. I started collecting DVDs. No worries, it’s normal. I buy DVDs, because they give me the hope that at some point in the future, I will be able to change my mood with them. I only buy funny movies, as I will use them to put me into a good mood . I really can’t foresee to be buying DVDs that put me in a bad mood. That would be stupid.

As this crisis progresses, I am expecting to pick up various other collection habits. Stamps, Matchboxes, Knives and Dolls. Or something along those lines.